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The Access Point For Decentralized Internet

Reflexware is a groundbreaking solution that can connect you to the new Web 4.0. The decentralized internet means that this sub-network can only run on Reflexware. The hardware allows you to have complete anonymity when connecting to the secured VPN network. Our decentralized internet puts the freedom of privacy back in the hands of the people.

The world’s first decentralized internet declaring web 4.0.

Securely operating on the Etherium Blockchain.

Secure Relemint token used for monetary transactions.

Etherium smart contracts are built-in to the system.

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By using ReflexWare, I feel it gives me the added benefit of knowing the blockchain actually has a good team behind all the magic.


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I love using ReflexWare as it makes my transactions feel like Paypal on the blockchain. Now it’s easy enough for anyone to join in the Crypto fun.


BTC Investor

ReflexWare is revolutionizing the payment landscape on the blockchain by making verified transactions easy and affordable for anyone.

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ReflexWare is the ultimate decentralized payment solution by providing the best network all powered on Relemint through the Etherium Blockchain.



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